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About Our Organization

Founded in 2000, moon-litacresarrc is a registered Small Business run by and for its members. Based in Saint Thomas Pennsylvania, we represent the rights of animals everywhere. We have and will continue to work aside law enforcement to change laws to fight for the rights of animals! Our team and volunteers work tirelessly to save lives and promote animal welfare.
I have been a Humane Society police officer since 2010 and was working for a shelter in Bradford County Pa until 2013 when we moved to Saint Thomas Pa. In 2017 my two girls and I decided to open our own 501©3 non-profit animal rescue because we had helped other shelters and saw things that they were doing and we wanted to be different. I have been involved in many different cases where we have taken animals out of bad situations with the help of many different police agencies or sometimes just myself.  We have done events at different locations, and helped those who may have had someone call for the humane officer to go out and remove animals. When all they needed was a helping hand because they could not say muck a stall or fix the fence due to heart surgery. Maybe in one case the elder lady thought she would have to give up the cat she loved because she could not go up the stairs to clean the litter box any more. Or as with another elder gentlemen his daughter called me to go get the horses from her dad stating that one was down and he can’t take care of it. One of the horses was down but all he wanted was his daughter to call the vet for him because he could not see the numbers anymore. We helped all these people my two girls and myself instead of taking animals or writing out a citation.  I would rather show you more

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